Conference Presenters

Claire Misson – BA(Hons), LEAP Senior EFL Practitioner

Emma Taylor – The Leadership Whisperers – HR professional with 15 years’ experience in creating leadership change within large and medium-sized organisations & Start Up Business Award Winner 2016 – Women Who Awards (The Leadership Whisperers) &EAHAE International Website Award Winner 2015 (The Leadership Whisperers)

Monica Tomkins – Craniosacral Therapist and the voice of the ‘Channel from the Horse’

Jenny Eichner – BSc (hons), Ad Prof Dip PC, Ad Dip EFHD, MSAFE (Accred), MBACP & Programme Director at IFEAL Qualifications Ltd

Sarah Urwin – UKRCP Registered and BACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist & EAGALA Certified practitioner

Debbie Busby – MSc, MBPsS, CHBC, Clinical Animal Behaviourist (Equine and Canine), ABTC registered. Expert Witness & Welfare Consultant

Tracie Faa-Thompson – BA, Social Work, MA, Crim, PG NDPT, Clin Hypno, Cert EAGALA, and Certified Filial Therapist and Instructor.  Certified Animal Assisted Play Therapist, Supervisor, Faculty Member, and Co-founder of the International Institute of Animal Assisted Play Therapy Studies.

Sue Binks –  Senior Consultant at Roffey Park Institute: Facilitator, Coach, Consultant and Equine Assisted Leadership Developer.

Milly Shand – British Dressage Group 2 Rider, Grand Prix Dressage Trainer/Competition Rider, British Dressage Trainer and Regional Trainer, BD List 4 Judge (retired), Formerly a Trainer/Competition Rider BSJA and BE, BHSAI and PC ‘A’ (registered instructor with BHS,  Life and Executive Senior Coach Dip NMC, EFT Practitioner, Level 2 and Founder of The Concordia Connection

Lynda J Watson –  Community builder, professional facilitator and (youth) engagement specialist. Owner at HorseTouch (Ontario, Canada) and 2 organizations that bring the values and skills learned from the horses to the classroom and the boardroom – Dreamation (youth) and Collaborative Evolution (corporate/organization). Online magazine editor (Equine Leadership)

Jennifer Geach -Senior Legal Counsel and Founder and Owner of Athena Wholistic Equicentre CIC  and based around the Jamie Jackson Paddock Paradise//Natural Boarding/Track/Equi-Central system.

Paulien Rutgers – Counsellor, Teacher and Owner at AAI Centre De Klimop teaching the power of working with horses in a care setting, and an active member of AAIZOO (Animal Assisted Interventions in Care, Education and Research.

Jessie Sams – BSc Applied Animal Behaviour, Science and Welfare , Beeching Animal Behaviour Consultancy, specialising in work with traumatised animals and supporting owners to prepare their animals for veterinary and husbandry through the use of low stress handling .

Clare Thomas – Anthrozoology and Animal Assisted Activities and Therapies Research & Education.

Clare Macleod – BSc (Equine Science), MSc, Independent Equine Nutritionist and author of  ‘The Truth About Feeding Your Horse’, published in February 2007 by J A Allen.

Harriet Laurie – CEO of TheHorseCourse,  Parelli Instructor and THC Facilitator