Programme for Saturday 9th June 2018


08.30am – Welcome back!

09.00am – Session 2 Reglation and Standards for Practitioners – Open debate

10.00am — The ‘Athena’ journey and experience, including the trials and tribulations, using real life case studies of a track system – Jennifer Geach and Ann Newman

10.450am –  Reflecting on examples of training and rehabilitation of traumatised horses, within an emotion-focused framework, and on an animal’s suitability for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning (EAP/L) – Jessie Sams

11.30am BREAK

12.00am – Researching EAAT – How can we help you? – Clare Thomas-Pino

12.45pm – Best Practice in Facilitating  EA Leadership Development – Sue Binks

13.30pm – LUNCH

14.15pm – Keeping the herd healthy with balanced nutrition – mixed herds and mixed requirements – Clare Macleod

15.00pm -EAT from the horse’s perspective: what’s in it for the horse? – Debbie Busby

15.45pm –  The best way NOT to run a session with clients! – Tracie Faa Thompson

16.45pm  – Claire Misson – Closing Speech and Thanks

17.00pm – END